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WORKING REMOTELY is this the new norm going forwards?

Having worked from home in the main since 2006, this is a very interesting time for me, especially, as previously I would be on the road or in the air travelling between different countries which is another form of remote working! This has not been a typical approach in the UAE, certainly in the government sector and much of the UAE owned private companies. However companies such as KPMG, PWC, E&Y have been doing this for quite some time, and it works very well for childcare amongst other social needs, but requires transparency and trust along with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE on behalf of all parties. Acquaintances started new jobs on March 16th and the next day were working remotely, no on-boarding, real orientation or meeting the team. The first, was a new company and a promotion so huge change but fortunately, they share accommodation and there is social support as they are all ‘mates’. The second, was an internal promotion and the person that they were replacing had to fly out before borders closed, so no handover only one day in ‘normal’ settings! Additionally, they are married and one partner works from home as the norm, now instead of being alone during working hours all week and two days, they are together all the time which has required major adjustments, one works upstairs in the office and the other downstairs at the dining table.

Fortunately, all three examples have the maturity and space to work with, not everybody does and this is where emotional intelligence comes in along with behaviors, aptitudes and core traits. We all have our preferred behaviors and the way we think we are expected to behave, now is the time when we have to collaborate and adapt either inside our preferred behaviors or extend outside; either way comfort zones are challenged! Be kind to each other:-)

Skills and actual competencies are going to be clear to all and there will be a huge change going forward so don’t think just about academic qualifications consider professional ones and memberships as well as up-skilling.

PRISM Brain Mapping will identify your preferred behaviors, aptitudes and core traits, and identify the work environment you will flourish in. Additionally, career development opportunities whether that is academic or professional.

You can not change your personality but you can adapt your behaviors without compromising yourself. Contact us for a quick FREE Q&A session with one of our team members:

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Warner. K. (April 6th 2020)

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  1. Hind AlHammadi

    Thanks, great post. I really like your point of view.

    I love it so much!!!

    I will forward it to some of my colleagues.

    I am really proud of you.

    1. Alyazia

      Your feedback is really appreciated THANK YOU Hind
      You are conscientious and hugely professional with an awesome work ethic
      WIsh u an amazing career journey we will stay in contact

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