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Recruitment is expensive & finding the 'perfect' candidate
is a myth...

Most recruitment campaigns end up in a compromise. Firstly, there is no perfect candidate. Secondly, the candidate you are looking to hire is new to your culture, people and business. There are no guarantees on how long this relationship will last and the impact it could have on the business and existing team members. 

Hire within...

A much safer option would be to identify internal talent and grow your own, instead of running recruitment campaigns. Internal talent is ‘cultured’, knows the company and products, people and stakeholders. Most importantly, will bring new energy to company projects and teams. 

The 'TALENT WITHIN' methodology was developed with your sustainable growth in mind.

Organization Size
50 – 500

AED35k – AED250k


Where we are...

As the first step, we will identify employees from different levels of the organization and run focus groups to better understand where ‘we are today’. 

Approx time: 15 - 45 days

Team Comparison Chart of Key Areas

Where we are going...

Once the data has been collected and processed, we will present the findings with the designated team to have an agreement on the strategy and critical next steps. 

Approx time: 5 days

Team Map



Discussion & Feedforward

This part of the process is run individually with each participant. We will identify every individual’s preferred behaviours, aptitudes, core traits and work environment preference to facilitate individuals in recognizing their self-awareness, confidence and organizational fit. 

Approx time: 15 - 45 days

Team Benchmark Comparison


At this stage we want to discover only what is, or is not, contributing to a person’s effectiveness, but also ‘why’ the behaviours are happening. It gives the user insights into what is taking place beneath the surface. We want to measure behavioural strengths, competencies, emotional intelligence and personality with options for mental toughness and career development assessment. 

Approx time: 15 - 45 days

Team Benchmark Comparison



Once the individual’s preferred behaviours have been identified, we will bring them together based on our recommendations on their demonstrated aptitudes and work preferences. 

Approx time: 15 - 45 days

Team Performance Chart




Based on intervals of 3 to 4 months; we will continue one-on-one / focus group / stakeholder performance alignment with fine tuning for continued development and growth.  Allowing clients input for PIP’s & PDP’s (personal-improvement-plans & personal-development-plans).

Approx time: Intervals of 3 to 4 Months

Full Speed Ahead

To facilitate change the teams will be provided with tools & strategies to enhance commitment to performance to:

  1. Develop understanding of behaviours, motivations and individual beliefs
  2. Raise awareness of the impact of emotions, feelings and behaviours
  3. Introduce unlimiting beliefs with enabling ones
  4. To initiate responsive, adaptable and innovative behaviours
  5. Create holistic strategies and build a team committed to realizing them
  6. Motivate each team member in order to develop to their full potential

Approx time: To be agreed