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PRISM is a revolutionary way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences.

PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory. This exciting online tool takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries to provide users with a series of ‘maps’ which are representations of how they prefer to respond to the world around them.

Each PRISM ‘map’ is a picture of the user as a unique individual

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Today leadership is more important than ever. Leadership reflects people’s needs and challenges driven by an increasingly complex and fast-changing world. Leadership skills are based on leadership behaviour. Skills alone do not make leaders – style and behaviour do. If you are interested in developing leaders – start with leadership behaviour. 

  1. Develop understanding of behaviours, motivations and individual beliefs
  2. Manage emotions, feelings and behaviours
  3. Replace limiting beliefs with enabling ones
  4. Be more responsive, more adaptable and more innovative
  5. Create holistic strategies and build a team committed to achieve them
  6. Motivate each team member to reach their potential

A highly effective way of coaching using neuroscience to provide insights into how people think, feel and do things. Helps coaches understand what is happening inside a person’s mind, so that the coach can bring about unprecedented behaviour change.

  1. Understand neuroscience and its application in coaching
  2. Structure your communication to positively impact someone’s thinking
  3. Create powerful strategies that transform your coaching
  4. Know how to use the language of different behavioural preferences
  5. Understand the ways behavioural preference is often expressed at home and at work

Applies neuroscience to identify behaviours, skills and motivations that will help create a high performance culture and encourages unique insights and contribution from team members to achieve corporate goals.

  1. Create a shared winning vision with tangible outcomes
  2. Maintain open communication and positive relationships with each other
  3. Identify and solve problems using the PRISM Cycle of Performance Excellence
  4. Have clearly defined roles and work procedures
  5. Cooperate cross-functionally

An exciting, easy to use, online resource that provides instructive, insightful information that can empower you to take control of career exploration in 4 easy steps.

  1. Identify accurately and comprehensively your natural strengths, interests, and work preferences. The most important step in the career exploration process is gaining or enhancing self-awareness. The better you know yourself the more likely you will be to make good career decisions and feel confident about the direction you’re moving towards.
  2. Examine on demand and in detail the key characteristic of some 1000 careers. Provides access to a comprehensive database of around 1000 careers. This makes it simple to explore and identify those careers that meet your expectations and requirements time and time again, with unlimited searches.
  3. Compare your personal strengths, interests and work preferences with the ones normally associated with those careers. In making career decisions, the work you choose to pursue will have a direct impact on the way you live your life. Remember, making the right career decision can be both a challenging and rewarding process.
  4. Discover the secrets of how to market yourself successfully to potential employers. In a competitive job market, you are likely find yourself up against dozens of candidates for the same position. The best way to succeed in these competitive times and stand out from the crowd is to learn how to sell yourself.

PRISM Talent Finder is a simple, fast yet very accurate, online suitability assessment tool available globally to help recruit, develop and retain people who have high performance potential. PRISM Talent Finder is an easy-to-use online system that analyses and benchmarks star performers within each role in an organisation. By using this process, via the organisation’s own dashboard, recruiters can create accurate job benchmarks of those characteristics that have a proven track record of achieving top performance in each role. The system can then instantly pre-screen candidates to identify those who most closely match the characteristics of the star performers without any manual intervention from recruiters.

A new and exciting approach to selling allowing you to develop the ability to increase sales and gain a competitive advantage. Understand how to sell differently to different customers, be flexible and adapt your sales approach to meet your customers’ requirements.

To influence buying decisions, successful salespeople need to be able to activate the appropriate areas of the customer’s brain – some customers use more emotion than rational analysis when making buying decisions. For others, the reverse is true. When faced with a buying choice, a customer’s subconscious will encourage them to choose you rather than your competitors. This sales approach is known as ‘Neuroselling’.

  1. PRISM Neuroselling – The concept involves making use of the latest discoveries about the brain to understand how it influences decision making, the buying process, empathy, building rapport, communication, the sales process and customer service. The implications for salespeople are considerable. In essence, people make emotional decisions which they then try to rationalise. To influence buying decisions, successful salespeople need to be able to activate the appropriate areas of the customer’s brain.
  2. PRISM Neuroselling – Designed to equip organisations with a comprehensive and practical toolkit of professional, solution driven sales techniques. By understanding neuroscience and how buyers make decisions, it is possible to create approaches that buyers respond to positively.

Develops the capacity of your organisation and provides a vehicle for creating a work environment in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

  1. Provides guidance so that people understand what is expected of them.
  2. Provides flexibility to enable individual creativity and ensure strengths are nurtured.
  3. Provides enough control so that people understand what the organisation is trying to accomplish.
  4. Provides a context for regular feedback discussions to enhance mutual understanding of an individual’s contribution and development needs.

PRISM 360° is a user-friendly, online system that enables you to conduct 360° feedback with minimal effort and maximum impact. Provides a powerful, graphical report that is easy to understand, analyse, and to deliver feedback that has high impact.

PRISM 360° can be customized according to your specific business requirements and enables up to 26 observers’ responses to be recorded, including those of the candidate and the line manager. The system offers a selection of generic competencies, but users can also upload their own, in-house competencies onto the system.

Makes feedback easy with simple and flexible administration. Key features include:

  1. Fully automated process
  2. Customisable features
  3. Automatic email reminders for observers
  4. Status reports on all feedback requests
  5. Tailor-made reports

Most 360° assessments tell you only what is, or is not, contributing to a person’s effectiveness, but PRISM 360° assessment also highlights “why” this may be happening. It gives the user insights into what is taking place beneath the surface. This difference puts PRISM 360° in a class of its own. PRISM is the only 360° profile that measures behavioural strengths, competencies, emotional intelligence and mental toughness.

Delivery in English with Arabic translator