HVAC Psychrometry, Air Handling System and Duct Selection

Build your knowledge systematically, from building cooling load stimation, to sizing and selection of AHU and ductings

Advance HVAC Designing

HVAC Designing

Energy efficiency in HVAC

HVAC Design and energy optimization / Energy saving in HVAC / Energy efficient AC / Energy conservation in HVAC

Become a HVAC Professional - Part 1/3- Fundamentals & Basics

Best Online course with everything you need to know about HVAC Air Conditioning and Duct Systems to join MEP field.

Become a HVAC Professional - Part 2/3- Load Calculations HAP

Learn the basics of Cooling Load Calculations from scratch to design HVAC systems by using CARRIER H.A.P Software.

Become a HVAC Professional - Part 3/3 - Duct Design

Step by Step (Manual & Software) HVAC Duct design calculations as per ASHRAE, SMACNA and Carrier standards.

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Get to grips with civil engineering structural analysis once and for all.

Electricity & electronics - Robotics, learn by building

Over 14,700 enrolled! Open career opportunities and have fun learning electronics focused on building robots/automation!

Electronics - for Complete Beginners

Go From Zero To An Advanced Understanding Of The Fundamentals

Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering

Learn the fundamentals of electric circuits from scratch with dozens of examples for electrical engineering students

Complete Electrical Substations For Electrical Engineering

Course for electrical power engineering student who wants to know about electrical substations in electric power system.

Flash Distillation in Chemical & Process Engineering

Learn How to Model and Operate Flash Distillation Units in Chemical Plants

Rocket Engineering and Interstellar Space Propulsion

Become a rocket scientist and understand the most advanced space propulsion technologies.

The Complete Engineering Mechanics Course

Master the fundamentals of mechanics, statics and applied physics and then solve real-world mechanics problems.

Mechanics / Statics - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Solid Mechanics / Engineering Statics