CYBP For All Ages

You need to know if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what the Essential Business Skills are for All Ages.


The Certified Young Business Professional (CYBP) was designed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA), the global standard for essential business skills. After having established standards for business skills training for their global industries and businesses, they designed a global standard for introducing high-school-age students to the business world and all others who were interested or felt they needed something like this for their business success.

The CYBP curriculum draws from real-life global business situations derived from feedback from the thousands of businesses and employees that have contributed through the hundreds of business training partners that IBTA and IBTA ARABIA have worked with worldwide. The course touches all facets of business, from starting a business and operating it to making impactful improvements to the way business is conducted.

IBTA recommends approximately 120 hours of instruction time to complete the CYBP course. However, the course can be modified to accommodate an abbreviated schedule by assigning the in-class activities as homework and take-home projects at the instructor’s discretion. Alternately, the course can be extended by the inclusion of supplemental activities such as field trips and presentation days. In short it can be adapted to the individual’s needs or an entire group

The first part of the course introduces the delegates to the business world by asking why people start businesses in the first place and gives everyone some insight into the mind of an entrepreneur or consolidates the knowledge and experience of those who are already on the journey. It also highlights the components of, types of, and basic functions within a business.

Leadership skills along with EI, listening skills and team dynamics are emphasised early in the course along with the key skills required to run any business, customer service, sales, communication, and both social and cultural etiquette.

The second part covers important aspects of marketing and managing business, including working with employees, finances, budgets, and using cutting-edge technological advances that suit your business model and software where it will be effective and improve efficiency.


The course is recommended for anyone and everyone that is excited to run a business or is already running an entrepreneurial enterprise.

PREREQUISITES this course requires that delegates meet the following prerequisites:

1. The candidate must be between the ages of UAE legal business ownership!

What you will receive delegates will receive an official student manual for post class reference and review.

CERTIFICATION PREPARATION This course prepares candidates to sit the Certified Young Business Professional exam Y20-901


Delegate’s will soon realise that their preferred behaviour’s do not match with all the components of building a business and start to recognize that how they build their team is critical to their success and longevity in the business world.

Module 1: Introduction to Business 

Module 2: Starting a Business

Module 3: Leadership

Module 4: Sales

Module 5: Introduction to Customer Service

Module 6: Introduction to Business

Module 7: Introduction to Business Etiquette

Module 8: Management

Module 9: Marketing

Module 10: Human Resources

Module 11: Finance and Budget

Module 12: Technology in Business


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  1. Mustafa Abdulrazaq

    This is the right learning solution at these uncertain items!

    PREPARING YOUTHS TO MEET The high Expected demand for professionals after the CORONA Pandemic!

    We with our JF partner, strongly believe that, the current situation is just TEMPORARY and yes, it does affect business for all globally, but we are using our option of ordering books and shipping to customers at home, and training them via interfaces like Zoom, and allowing them to get certified at home via our new system remote testing system.

    STC: Stay_ at_Home_Train_Certify_ Yourself!

    Lets put our finger prints in this world!

    In Health & Happiness,

    Mustafa Abdulrazaq
    AGM, IBTA Arabia

    1. Nicola Ablett

      Thank you for your feedback and observations
      Going forward we will be living the ‘new normal’, and the CYBP is a great certification which adds value whether you wish to be an entrepreneur or not! The 12 modules give a great base for any one entering into business what ever line it is academic or vocational. Everyone whatever your career level or age can benefit with the:
      STC: Stay_ at_Home_Train_Certify_ Yourself!
      Contact us if you want more information
      ALUMNI this is a great opportunity for you

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