Course Overview

Needless to mention, that the global labor market has become full of competitors in all fields, so it was imperative to all large enterprises to develop their policies and approach to markets to be a strong peer and even pioneers. The tourism market is huge and the tourism industry has become a source of national income for most countries, there are some countries rely entirely on tourism in their income. In view of this, every worker in the tourism sector should possess the skills, behaviors and leadership qualities to elevate his organization towards excellence in this vital sector. In this program, we highlight the most important elements of the tourism industry.

The CBP™ Tourism and Hospitality Certification covers a wide range of topics in the tourism industry such as the business of tourism, developing and supplying tourism demand, types of tourism, tourism management, marketing, hospitality, customer service and communication skills in tourism. It also covers emerging issues in tourism like tourist safety and security. 

Course Objectives

  • Identify key elements of tourism and hospitality
  • Plan and implement a profitable tourist project
  • Implement professional procedures that will ensure the longevity of the project
  • Manage and operate tourism and develops manpower
  • Demonstrate high hospitality skills, good reception and quality service to customers
  • To apply customer service skills with high professionalism
  • To communicate with clients according to professional behavioral rules
  • To practice sales skills
  • Apply leadership skills
  • To employ tourism marketing methods

Course Outcomes

At the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the business of tourism
  • Identifies resources for the development and sustainability of tourism industries
  • Identify industries affected by tourism
  • Determines the demand for tourism
  • Identifies the three (3) elements to reason the tourism demand
  • Identifies key factors affecting to promote tourism
  • Understand other factors that distract some tourists from interest in tourism
  • Measures demand for tourism project
  • Identifies elements for the success of cultural and recreational tourism

Modules Covered

  • Module 1: Introduction to Tourism
  • Module 2: Business of Tourism
  • Module 3: Demand for Tourism
  • Module 4: Types of Tourism
  • Module 5: Tourism Management
  • Module 6: Hospitality and Tourism
  • Module 7: Customer Service in Tourism
  • Module 8: Communication Skills in Tourism
  • Module 9: Calming Upset Tourists
  • Module 10: World Tourism Organization (WTO) Global Code of Ethics

Course Duration

The duration of this program is 25 training hours. The training hours vary according to the schedules of the certified and Authorized CBP- Certified Business Professional centers.


This course is delivered in English Language by certified CBP™ trainers.


  1. The candidate must have a commitment to the pursuit of
  2. The candidate must have completed a high school or secondary school diploma or similar education
  3. The trainer must be a CBP™ at ATP accredited training center or a candidate to be a CBP™