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JOIN THIS EXCITING DISCUSSION: Career or Job? Is it time to make a change in 2020?

Do you know the difference between a Career and a Job? In these strange times working remotely from home or not working at all, but reflecting and thinking about what are we doing with our life now is perhaps to consider more seriously. Do I want a job or a career or do I want to be an entrepreneur?

Career or Job?

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Whether a new graduate, alumni, someone returning to work or in a job we don’t like take this unexpected is opportunity to plan going forward.

Consider some of the following; your preferred behaviors, aptitudes and core traits are you working with these successfully, or do you feel compromised and having to adapt and because of this not reaching your full potential?

I heard a story only last month of a company owner in the UK involved in a chauffeured limousine business at the exclusive end of the transporting people and not commodities, finding himself with no work for him or his self-employed drivers he has closed the company and is going to go west to grow and pick asparagus! A different situation and solution from GRAVITY and Dan Price where he went to his employees and engaged with them. This is better neither but what is demonstrated is that we need to believe in what we do and want to do it in order to be successful!


Now that we are working differently and trusting employees to work remotely as never before, it is wise to appreciate that things will not be the same after this period of ambiguity. It will be exposed if you are not skillful and competent in your job so take this opportunity to review what you want out of life and how you can contribute most to your community and UAE. Go ahead take that course, professional certification whatever it may be, and be the person you want to make the change, we all need to be happy to contribute and be successful and UAE believes in this mantra very definitely.

Here in the UAE which we all know became a federation forty-eight years ago. you can track a change from living to work through to working to live and the diversification of work from jobs to careers. Having lived her sine 1995 it can be observed and witnessed along with actively participating in the change personally. Before the discovery of oil and gas, UAE was predominantly seven states or should I say 6 and then Ras Al Khaimah joined the federation, where people lived off the land or from the sea; fishing and pearl diving, farming, agriculture, dates and shepherding. There were some government jobs and family businesses but this grew exponentially once the oil was found, and then it could be observed quite clearly as the world of work started to see matching careers to people in its infancy as described by John Holland (e.g.Holland,1985) rather than government or family business. The idea that people have different patterns of interest is relevant here in the sense that their interests were defined by the industry rather than the individual. The changes that took place were sociological in the first instance gradually becoming intertwined with the psychological as UAE moved into positioning itself as a global player. Over forty-eight years from pearl-diving to space, farming to solar energy and wind farms, quite an achievement in a very short time.