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Career Exploration: What does it mean to you and those that know you?

Have you ever actually stopped and thought about the word career? What does it matter to you? Is it exciting, terrifying, a fact of life, a perilous journey that you have no choice about or perhaps you do but you feel overwhelmed? When you have identified what it means to you then maybe you can ask others around you what it means to them?

Is your UAE National Workforce Employment Ready?

For some of us, career is not something we are looking for but just a job and yes they are two different things.

One is a means to an end and the other an end to a means! Which route do you want to take and do you have the qualifications, skills or competencies in order to travel the road you wish to?

Innovative and balanced analysis is critical to this subject and the impact and effect on people and their careers also development itself

Much is written about the unpredictability of work in the 21st century and how jobs will be mechanised and AI will take over is this in fact true? To an extent yes it is and the environment of work and leisure needs to reflect the changes in the here and now.

"Whatever you choose as a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose." Chadwick Boseman

PRISM Brain Mapping is a tool created using behavioural knowledge and neurosciences as its base is that we are 50% genetics and the remainder is development, experience and life’s rich tapestry! We can not change our personality however we can adapt our behaviours and this makes the difference between a job and a career. We need to understand what behaviours, aptitudes and core traits make us who we are and when we know what our preferred behaviours are we can if fortunate enough make decisions based on real objective, not subjective information. Integrating our intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to best advantage.

Peoples careers can evolve over time and this is a good thing as our life doesn’t always follow a straight and narrow prescripted journey. Colin and Watts (1996, p.385)propose ”The individual’s development in learning and work throughout life’. The notions of time and sequence, not status or advancement, are the factors that differentiates a career from a job and other work-related concepts. Being a mother is a full-time occupation but it is not described as a career or a job more often than not is a role or lifestyle choice dependent upon on your economic status!

If you are a refugee you may have very little choice abut what you do as it may be a matter of survival.

Fortunately here in the UAE Nationals have a government that supports from cradle

to grave and it is expected that Nationals will make a career choice or take a job. Many not only work in the government or private sector but also are enterprising and entrepreneurs and achieve their intrinsic fulfilment here rather than in the workspace.

Career exploration is a critical stage in anyone’s life and making informed choices can make all the difference. Remember it is you who is going to do this  for your working life, not your parent, extended family member, teacher or best friend

We are all different and need to fulfil our destinies if and whenever we can.

About the Author​

Nicola is a seasoned organization development professional with 20+ years of MEAA experience. She also has extensive hands on coaching and mentoring experience with UAE National Talent at the Federal & Local Government and the private sector.