360 Degrees

When there is a dramatic and marked change in organizational dynamics, employment environments, or cultural shifts.

360° is a user-friendly, online system that enables you to conduct 360° feedback with minimal effort and maximum impact. It provides a powerful, graphical report that is easy to understand, analyse, and to deliver feedback that has high impact.

8 Dimension 360 Map

What can you measure?

behavioural strengths


emotional intelligence


360° offers a selection of generic competencies, but users can also upload their own, in-house competencies.

Most 360° assessments tell you only what is, or is not, contributing to a person's effectiveness, but the PRISM 360° assessment also highlights 'WHY' this may be happening.

8 Dimension 360 Map


360 is a tool, that enables leaders and managers to see clearly what there preferred behaviours and least preferred behaviours are, and how their team sees them as well. Giving everyone the opportunity to look at the potential for improvement and development. Thereby achieving more success.

Whenever there is a dramatic and marked change in organizational dynamics, employment environment, or cultural shift.

360° feedback is a process whereby an individual (the candidate) receives feedback from the people who work around them and know something about them (the observers). This can include the manager, direct reports, peers and in some cases customers or clients (the observer groups); in fact anybody who is familiar with their work can be included in the feedback process. The process is in addition to the candidate completing their own Professional Self-Assessment.

There are two ways, both include sending an inventory link to all who will participate, If the candidate has already completed a full professional profile this can be added to without having to redo the inventory and the credit difference can be topped up.

Each 360° allows for up to 25 observers on a candidate. These observers can be split over 5 categories; 1 x Manager which can include a ‘target’ score for competencies. This is a fixed category. The remaining 24 observers can be allocated to a maximum of 4 observer groups, which you can name.

Observers can be one group or smaller groups to the maximum of 4 groups, stakeholders can also be included. It is important to know why you are conducting the exercise and that everyone who will participate is briefed as to the process, assured of anonymity, and a decision made as to who will be included in feedback and discussions.

Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness along with either system competencies or the Clients competencies.

Yes, you can map your own competencies onto the report or use those already established. It is easy to do.

The planning phase is important plus the feedback and discussion in order to move forward. So this needs to be discussed with the client prior to implementation. The cost is 110 credits for up to 25 included in the feedback. All identified participants must be briefed on the process.